University Communications
Event Strategy and Management

Signature Events Portfolio

The Event Strategy and Management team leads the planning and execution of many high-impact events that are central to Brown's traditions and mission.

We partner with key stakeholders across campus to plan and produce the University’s signature events — those that reflect Brown’s storied traditions, engage its broadest audiences and provide opportunities to showcase the excellence of Brown.

University Host: Corporation and University Executive Leadership

This time-honored tradition celebrates the achievements of all students graduating from Brown. This event includes graduation ceremonies, diploma ceremonies for undergraduates, and a full weekend of events that include forums, performances, Reunion events and departmental ceremonies.
University Host: Office of Undergraduate Admission

This multi-day series of events gives admitted undergraduate students a taste of life at the University as many consider their decision to accept Brown’s offer of admission and enroll at Brown.
University Host: Facilities Management

With a beam signing and ceremony as the final steel beam of a building is hoisted into place, these events celebrate the planners, construction crews, donors and other people who contribute to a building project. This beam signing and topping off ceremony celebrated the future Brook Street Residence Hall.
University Host: Parent and Family Engagement, Division of Campus Life

Families of Brown undergraduates attend information sessions, academic forums, cultural events and performances as they learn more about their student’s experience at Brown, as well as the vibrant and rich cultural life of Providence, including the famous Waterfire.
University Host: CSREA and Office of the Provost

This virtual lecture series, organized by the Office of the Provost and Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America, aimed to provide Brown community members with a platform to think through the ways that race remains an enduring and foundational feature of American society.
University Host: University Human Resources

Staff Development Day is an opportunity for Brown staff to invest in their professional development, learn more about Brown University, and gain a deeper understanding of faculty research.