University Communications
Event Strategy and Management

Invited Dignitaries

It’s important that key campus offices be notified when Brown departments and student groups invite well-known individuals or dignitaries to events.

Hosting well-known public figures and dignitaries for an event can require extra planning and support. Submitting Brown’s Dignitary Notification Form distributes a notification to key support offices that may contact you to offer support or to gather more information.

If you are inviting someone who is likely to draw significant attention, such as a prominent lecturer, an entertainer or political figure, several offices across campus will be essential partners in managing the logistics for the event.

Complete the Dignitary Notification Form

Dignitary Planning Considerations

There are several common planning considerations when inviting a highly prominent individual or dignitary to participate in an event.

  • Will high public interest demand registration, ticketing and/or wait lists?
  • Are there distinct space or capacity needs?
  • Will you require additional staffing or security? (The University reserves the right to influence decisions about time, place and manner in the interest of personal safety and security.)
  • Are there questions regarding political activity?
  • Are there educators, researchers or affinity groups on campus who would benefit from advance engagement or notification because of the subject matter of the event?
  • Is there any potential for the event to be disrupted? (Brown has an Event Disruption Protocol Policy.)
  • Will it be necessary to manage news media on site?
  • Will there be complex terms of the engagement that will require a special contract?
  • Are there requests for special arrangements (film crews, private security, access to restricted areas, unusual use of University resources, etc.)

Internal Brown Notifications

By completing the Dignitary Notification Form, the following offices will be notified and a representative of one or more of these offices may contact you to offer support or to gather more information:

  • Office of the President
  • Office of University Communications
  • Office of the Provost
  • Division of Campus Life
  • Student Activities Office
  • Government and Community Relations
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Office of the General Counsel