University Communications
Event Strategy and Management

Use of Space by External Third Parties

Under specific circumstances and conditions, External Third-Party Events, Programs, and Activities may be accommodated if appropriate on-campus space is available.

University-owned facilities are critical resources dedicated to advancing the University’s mission and are primarily reserved for use by students, faculty and staff to support teaching, research and campus life. External Third-Party Events, Programs or Activities that are not wholly or partially Sponsored or executed by a Brown individual, department or program are considered external events, regardless of whether Brown students, faculty or staff participate or attend. 

All faculty, staff, students, and contractors, as well as any other individual using campus space, including organizations outside the University must adhere to Brown's Use of Campus Space By External Third Parties policy.

External Third Party Event Procedures

All inquiries, with the exception of requests to use Brown athletic space or fields, must be initiated by contacting Event Strategy and Management at or by calling 401-863-3100. You may also complete an Event Inquiry Form.  If you are requesting the use of Brown athletic space or fields, please refer to Brown Athletics Facilities Rentals for further information. 

Event Strategy and Management staff will follow up directly with the group and discuss all programmatic needs such as:

  • Organization details

  • Anticipated date(s) and number or participants

  • Types, sizes and number of spaces needed

  • Housing necessities, if applicable

  • Catering/food basics (note all food and beverage must be provided by Brown University Catering or by a Brown-approved vendor)

  • Media Services and room setup

  • Any security concerns and plans for addressing these matters

A proposal will be developed that includes an outline of all costs associated with the event, including but not limited to:

  • Rental fees for contracted space(s).

  • Facilities support fees i.e. custodial services, setups of tables/chairs etc.

  • Required facilities use and planning fee

Once appropriate fees and services have been communicated via the proposal and accepted by the third-party user, Event Strategy and Management will generate a Conference Agreement for the third-party organization in order to contract the services. All third-party external organizations using Brown-owned facilities are required to have a signed contract and certificate of insurance on file with Event Strategy and Management.

Event Strategy and Management will only approve space rentals for programs where space and resources allow.