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Severe Weather Plans

A severe weather plan enables event organizers to pivot smoothly when unexpected weather strikes, whether your event is indoors or outdoors.

Severe Weather Planning

With appropriate advance planning, unexpected inclement weather doesn’t have to lead to canceling an event. It is important for event organizers to establish contingency plans that allow for timely adjustments to enable an event to proceed if there is severe weather.

Your severe weather plan should outline when storm contingencies will be activated and who will make that decision, as well as what changes will go into effect and how those changes will be communicated to planning partners, vendors, participants and guests. It is important to document and share a severe weather event plan with your planning partners.

Severe Weather Plan Templates

A severe weather plan requires considering the impact a storm may have on your logistical and communications plans. Use the templates below to support your contingency planning in the event of severe weather.